Gregory Austin's Teaching Philosophy

The main theme I convey throughout every course is a general appreciation for psychology.  No matter what field students are in or will eventually enter, knowing and applying general psychological concepts can strengthen one’s professional career and personal live.  Understanding concepts such as lifespan development, learning and memory techniques, interpersonal and social interaction, behavior, attitudes, many and others have the ability to contribute to a persons overall lifelong success.  This is done mostly by discussing the practical application of the theories covered in class.  


A second theme fostered in the classroom is the importance and practice of critical thinking, which is also presented, reviewed, and used in every course.  Students are helped to create their own process that can be incorporated into their study practices.  In addition, a pleasant, relaxed, and supportive atmosphere along with high academic standards are fostered in all courses.  It is my philosophy that this amiable tone fosters an excellent learning environment that helps student retention and engagement.